This is my very first blog… ever! I’m leaving to begin my adventure to America and Canada in two days… it’s creeping up slowly. Quick overview of my trip though: visit an old school friend in Florida for just over two weeks and hopefully sneak in a trip to Miami, then I’m off to Abbotsford, Canada to start the fall semester of uni over there. I’m going to the University of the Fraser Valley which is about an hour out of Vancouver on the west coast of Canada. I’m still packing and vacuum sealing all my bags and filling in time pretty much until Wednesday when I leave. It has been such a long build up though; I finished first semester about two months ago. My next blog probably won’t be until I’m in America, when you can look forward to loads of pictures – especially their food! (and Maccas food of course).

My aim is to convince anyone who’s reading this that they want to go on a global exchange of their own and have as awesome of an experience as I’m about to.

xx ro

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