Hey Guys!

My name is Sarah Van Den Akker and this blog is going to be all about my experiences throughout my exchange to Canada.

I started to think seriously about going on exchange this time last year after a Charles Sturt University Global presentation in one of my first weeks of University last year. Exchange was always something that I had wanted to do but this presentation really got the ball rolling.

My cousin had done an exchange, and then I begun meeting people at university who were on exchange, I only heard fantastic things about doing a student exchange which drove me into doing some research into what universities offered subjects for my course. 

After extensive research I decided on the University of Regina, which is in ReginaSaskatchewan, Canada. 

The application process for exchange is quite an extensive one, lots of forms and research. Once my application was submitted to my University, the waiting began. My application was assessed and I was then invited to attend an interview. The interview was the final step of the application process. It was conducted via Skype with the CSU Global co-ordinator whom is located on the Bathurst campus. This interview was to determine my suitability as an ambassador for CSU and Australia. I was accepted into the CSU Global Student Exchange program and received an Australian Government sponsored scholarship of  $5000.

From here it was all about booking flights and organising everything so my exchange adventure could begin!

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