American food!

So my first taste of American food was Maccas, and I totally forgot to take a photo of it. In a nutshell, everything here is seasoned or flavoured in some way. We went to the Outback Steakhouse which is supposed to be Australian food, and the waitress kept asking me how it compared. They started off calling chips ‘Aussie chips’ on the menu, but none of the American customers knew what they were, so they had to change it to ‘Aussie fries’. The steaks come seasoned, which was still way too much for me (I’m used to just some oil and salt and pepper) but the American family I’m staying with asked for double seasoning and then some more again. The chips even come covered in seasoning. They also serve an entre called a ‘bloomin onion’ which is an onion which is cut to open like a flower, which could fit in two hands, and then deep fried in seasoning and all that, and then served with a creamy sauce… so not Aussie!

Going through Walmart was amazing! They have so much more food which is ready to go. I feel so gross right now because I’ve been trying so much American food. Everything tastes like it has preservatives and sugar in it. My American family who has lived in Australia says that Australian’s have a bland palate, which I totally agree with compared to here. However, I don’t think it’s bland per se, I just think it’s savoury, or certainly not sweet or salty like in everything here from bread to mayonnaise.

I’m in Florida, so everything down here from the buffalo wings to the iced tea is all ‘Southern’. There are peanuts everywhere and in everything, but apparently that’s another Southern thing.

I’m trying to spread out when I try all the food, but I could honestly just go for a salad or steak and unseasoned veggies right now! Haha, til next time, xx ro.

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