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Hi all!!

My name is Sean Bowman and I am currently studying Communications (Advertising) & Business (Marketing) @CharlesSturtUni Bathurst campus..

For as long as I can remember I dreamed of having an international education and career. One day while driving with a friend from my home in Orange NSW to CSU in Bathurst this dream was re-hatched through one of those D&M conversations and the very next day I started my application to take part in a global exchange.

Sheldon Hall @SUNY
Syd to Oswego








I’m currently 7 days away from leaving Orange/Sydney/Australia bound for The State University of New York in Oswego, where I’ll be studying in the fall semester. The United States was an easy choice for me, as my field of study is highly specialised in the US (it’s rumoured that advertising and marketing originated from the US, and that they can do it the best) – this is a great opportunity to learn from the “best”.

I believe in working hard, and most importantly, having fun…. I think I’m ready??

Follow me on my trip to Oswego in the United States.


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