Be gentle… It’s my first time…

This is my first time overseas.

My pre-flight experiences were enough to have me nervous and jittering, yet I am filled with excitement to commence my exchange program. Whenever I told someone I was heading to UEL (University of East London for those commoners who aren’t up with the times) I was met with expressions of danger and drama; “Oh! it isn’t a safe place!” or “You better be careful!” then followed by “You will have fun though…” and then continuous jokes of me not making it back… It was positive times.

For those who aren’t familiar with who I am, there are three things that form the basis of Jacob Gordon. These three are:

– Meeting new people

– Food

– Education.

My time here in London will be quick so I am going to indulge in these wonders as much as possible. In my attempt to be ‘Londonized’ I will immerse in the food of the country, attempting to satisfy my sweet tooth with delicious European treats, then sign up to as many social clubs as possible (perhaps try and run one) then organise to familiarise myself with both Early Childhood and Primary Education settings of Great Britain.

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