The Wheels on the Bus…

Drama: people love it.

From jet lag to danger zones of the world, we are always warned and I think with good reason. Nevertheless, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to announce that I have arrived safely despite the delayed planes.

A typical tourist, I was layered up looking like someone in a sumo suit, only to realise that it resembled the degrees of a sauna. I was met by a family who have taken me in to their humble home in Essex, where I have been cooked traditional English meals and been chauffeured around the city to see the many sites London has to offer.

From day one of arriving, people continue to tell me how jet lagged I will be. Fortunately I have managed to swindle my way through the week escaping jet lag’s clutches and have pushed through using social adrenaline… and English Pubs.

People continue to be impressed with my accent, yet I continue to explain to them that they are the ones with the accent. I am normal, it is everyone else that are a little odd.

My love of adventure has taken me to the sea side of Wales in a place called Swansea.Here I have met some very interesting people and have experienced nights out where dangers lurk behind every corner. The bus journey over was an experience in itself. A four hour trip I had some uncomfortable bowel movements and had to resort to the throne room which was located at the back of the bus. After some splish-splashing in the toilet caused by the London traffic, I completed my task. On exiting the throne room, I managed to lock the door behind me from the outside (God only knows how) stopping others from ever entering. Surprisingly no friends were made on the journey.

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to taste any delectables, but my host family have shown me some traditional chocolate shops that I am sure I will get my hands on soon enough.

I travel back to London on Sunday and will inform you of any new experiences.

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