The Obligatory Introduction Post.

Hi. My name, for those of you that don’t know me already, is Annette. I am a mature aged student studying a Bachelor of Medical Science/Forensic Biotechnology through Charles Sturt University, and my normal method of learning is via distance education. This year I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in an exchange through CSU Global, and am currently writing this post from Örebro in Sweden, which will be my home for the next six months. We are halfway through our orientation program as I write this, so I am starting this blog a little late – I hope to catch up soon but the last few weeks have been pretty cool, so I would like to write a little bit about them first.

I wanted to begin by telling you guys a little bit about my new home. Örebro is the seventh largest city in Sweden with a population of around 140 000 people, so it’s definitely big enough to have movies, cafes and bars, but is not so big that I will get lost easily. It is located in southern central Sweden.

The university here (strangely enough called Örebro University) is a relatively young uni, being established in 1999, although some form of higher education had been happening there for around 45 years prior to this. It has around 18 000 students, so a rather large proportion of the town is either studying at, or involved with, the uni in some way – making it a real University Town with a vibrant and fun atmosphere.

Örebro (which means “penny bridge” for you trivia buffs) is the demographic centre of Sweden, with around 70% of the population living within 300km of the town. It has medieval roots, and has a big cycling and sporting culture. And yes, it does have an Ikea!

I might leave it there for something to start with. Take care and talk to you all soon. 🙂

About carryingstraw
I am an Australian who is currently spending ten months living and studying in Örebro, Sweden. Back home, I am a mature aged student who studies via distance, so living and studying at an actual university should be an experience in itself, let alone living in another country! My handle, carryingstraw, comes from a Swedish proverb - dra ditt strå till stacken - which loosely translates to "carry your straw to the hill". It is in reference to a common type of ant in Sweden that build their anthills out of straw, and my favourite interpretation is "do your part in the creation of something magnificent". For me, this is a reminder of a couple of things: that big things are achieved one step at a time, that to achieve something you have to play your part as well, and that for truly great things to be done there are always many people involved. So join me in carrying straw. :)

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