Australia, the Lucky Country…

Here is my friend from Australia who I grew up with, Rhys, our welsh mate Kate and myself.

Wales was full of surprises…

On my arrival to Wales, I was taken to the ‘Walkabout’ Bar (an Australian bar chain) where one of my close friends work. There I met some great people and enjoyed a few casual drinks with them. After returning to the pub after a night out I mixed with the fellow welshmen. One retired to bed, another had abandoned us for a supposed love and the other fell asleep. So there I was alone in a room with a snoring welshman. I had the urge to return to the Welsh night life so I stood and made my way to an exit. Above this pub there were a range of hallways and rooms. It resembled some sort of maze. When I went through one door I would end up in a room that looked exactly the same as the last.

I finally made it down to the main bar at 3 am. I attempted to leave the main door, yet to my surprise it was locked… and alarmed. The high pitched noise continued for half an hour so I decided to sit and wait for the police to arrive where I could tell them my story and what had happened. Fortunately the alarm stopped and none of Swansea’s finest had arrived. I eventually decided that bed would be the best option.

When I arrose I described to my friend what had happened. With a stressed look he turned to me and said, “It’s okay, I am planning to move anyway.”

It turns out that my mate’s boss is quite strict and unforgiving, and that he may get fired for this situation. We had decided to say nothing and see what others were saying. It turned out that I had managed to set 6 alarms in my disorientation and when I sat and waited for Swansea’s boys in blue, I was sitting in the only blind spot of the camera and in the pub. I guess that is why they call us the lucky country. Needless to say, no one was hurt and my mate still holds his good repuation within the “Walkabout” industry.

Take care of yourselves, and each other.


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