Welsh Treats…

Rhys and I devouring some Vanilla Ice-cream treats!

The interesting sweets of Wales…

Becoming really good friends with the “Walkabout” staff and residentials, I was lucky for them to show me around town. I was told of the Vanilla Ice-cream of the city of Swansea. It was easy to get, as it was just a short walk from the pub. Joe’s ice-cream parlour was where it was at. I decided to have a bit of fun and try out new things, with a few extras on the ice cream. It was deliscious but I don’t know if I would go back to the same flavour or not. The Joe’s in Swansea only had vanilla however, and I am not sure where else the ice-cream parlour is. Above is a photo of me enjoying the Ice-cream, with my mate, Rhys, who I grew up with in Australia.

The return to London…

I have arrived safely back to London and am planning to head back to Swansea again perhaps next week. This week has been full of organising and relaxation after my first week was quite full on. money over here is rediculous and I can’t seem to manage my bank account. It has taken 4 days to transfer money from my Australian account to my English.

I will let you know if any new adventures manage to find me here in London.

Stay Classy Australia,


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