Life @ SUNY Oswego

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Since my last blog I have been very busy living the American college life. Class officially started 2 weeks ago and it has been fairly intense. I’ve quickly found that American culture entails an incredibly strong work ethic. Students study sooo much. It’s not uncommon to walk through the halls at 3am and find students studying and working on assessments. I have gained a considerable amount of respect for American students, and now understand why Australian’s have such laid-back image to foreigners.

I have had a birthday since my last post. It was celebrated with a night out on the town, then the NY State Fair in Syracuse the next day – bad mixture. The State Fair is very similar the Sydney Royal Easter show. There were rides, markets, monster trucks and most importantly food! The variety of food was hefty and quirky. For example, you could buy chocolate covered bacon, deep fried Oreo’s, deep fried Twinkee’s and hot beef sundae just to name a few. I tried a deep fried Oreo; it didn’t taste too bad!


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