and then there was one…

So unfortunately a piece of the end of my trip has jumped up early, changing the whole dynamics of my time over here. Chloe, my Welsh other-half is terribly home-sick and leaving tomorrow. She’s only been here a month, but misses home terribly and will arrive back home just in time for the start of her academic semester. Chloe and I do everything together; maybe it’s because we both speak English, or because we arrived together, or simply because we’re just those two people who are two peas in a pod and hit it off right away. I reckon this next week is going to be a lazy week without her around, but hopefully – HOPEFULLY I’ll get some of that work done and dusted in her absence 😛
It also means that I have to go on the four day Rocky Mountains trip without her… or anyone else I know! I’m sure I’ll meet lots of friendly new faces though =]
And now for my favourite picture from the Vancouver Aquarium! Mr C. Otter!
xx ro

About roincanada
I'm in my third year of uni, heading over to Abbotsford, Canada for exchange. This will be my first adventure to another western country and I'm so excited! Hopefully my blog will help convince you to go on an exchange of your own. xx ro

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