Boston. Boston. Boston. RUSSEL BRAND

Ahoy hoy,

Road Trip! My first road trip since being here consisted of Boston, Russel Brand, Chowder (or choowwdaa, [Boston accent]), Fenway Park and Harvard University.

The decision to go to Boston was purely made to see my favourite comedian, Russel Brand, in his stand up show.  Russel lived up to the hype and pretty much went crazy walking through the crowd, climbing from the stage up into balcony seating. After the show Russel walked through the theatre foyer where the audience had the opportunity to get an autograph and take a photo… I wasn’t so lucky; Russel was pretty much mobbed. My best photo is below.

As we arrived late in the afternoon on the first day and headed straight to Russel Brand’s show, we didn’t get to see the real Boston until the next day. My group decided to go see Harvard in all its glory. This campus was beautiful. The way the campus was depicted in Good Will Hunting was eerily accurate, especially after seeing Harvard Square and the student housing; it didn’t look like too much had changed. As I strolled through the halls that Barack Obama once walked I felt slightly out of place, but it was a really nice inspirational experience. A friend mentioned that fees alone cost $50,000 U.S per semester to attend. My thoughts of enrolling were shut down immediately…

The next stop was Fenway Park, where we were taken on a guided tour through one of the oldest venues in Baseball history. Fenway Park is home to the world famous Red Sox.  It was cool to see their locker rooms, sit on the bench (I think they call it a dig-in) and pretend to be important in the ‘media only’ lounge.

That night we went out on the town after we were strongly advised to eat Boston clam chowder. Not being the biggest fan of seafood, I was hesitant to try it, but I was glad I did because it was actually amazing.

It’s really hard to describe Boston because it’s nothing like any other city I’ve ever been to. All I can say is I loved it! And if you’re in the area, Go, or just watch Good Will Hunting….

After a good nights sleep, it was time take the 6-hour trip back to Oswego where a mountain of assignments await my doing.


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