Settling in… forgiven and not forgotten

Welcome to Bloggers Anonymous. My name is Jacob Gordon and it has been over 5 weeks since my last blog.

Since the last time we spoke I was about to venture into the London university life; and venture I did. I immersed myself within University of East London life. My first week was full of orientation and boring administration. Nothing too exciting to blog to the bloggees about. What was interesting was the amount of internationals at this university. There was over 200. O week was full of sharing cultural aspects of our countries and sharing specific stories of our experiences. I spent a lot of time with the swedish and they shared what was called Lördagsgodis, which is swedish lollies. My room, which I labelled the ‘Pizza Slice’ was exactly that. A small room in the shape of a Pizza slice. I did have a nice view however; which you can tell by the photos attached in the photo gallery.


I then met my friend to be, Tanika. Tanika is the other Australian from Queensland University of Tafe. Being a very opinionated and strong woman of 20, she shared a lot of ideals about Education as I did and yet we still continue to argue about other things. I then became good friends with one of my flat mates called Wayne. Wayne is from ‘South London’ and has taught me a lot of catchy slang such as ‘innit’, ‘alie’, ‘bruv’, ‘fam’ and one of my favourites ‘Oh my days!’


Orientation week, or as it is called here, Fresher’s week, involved events I wasn’t too impressed with, such as a silent disco, a terrible comedy event, trivia with three tables and a UV Black light party (which did impress). This same week I met my exchange liason called Carolyn who belonged in what was called the Cass School of Education. This is similar to the Schools of Education at CSU.


I learnt that I was to be placed at a school called Gallions Primary School. In my second week I went to the school and I love it, a lot. It has a creativity focus and is situated in a low economic area. Because of this, the school acts as a sanctuary for the children. Reception is where I am teaching, which is similar to prep and kindergarton. Below are some photos of my classroom.

That was the first two weeks of my time here at University of East London.

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