New Faces, New Places

Influences are everywhere…

After the hectic first two weeks where there were plenty of parties, I decided to take it on my own to attempt to influence those around me to facilitate students with better and more exciting parties. Back at CSU my passion was putting on events. I enjoyed the work and while here managed to swindle my way into volunteering with a night club in Stratford. The events we worked on all fell through but i met some good people along the way and had some very free nights out and about at some exclusive clubs.

I am a Yes Man, I will admit that. I enjoy saying yes to everything offered to me. It is probably how I ended up here in the first place. Go with the flow and continue to have no expectations; probably the best advice to anyone on these experiences really. Rhys, my friend who I grew up with also moved to London. It has been good having him around. Rhys managed to score himself a job with Dj and ex “Body-Rocker” (writers and performers of the song “I like the way you move”) Cas as a manager of Cas’ and his friend’s Cafe (Rhys has always wanted to run and own his own cafe). The cafe is located in Shoreditch just off Old Street Station and is called Shoreditch Grind. I have found myself there regurlarly for a cheap (and fantastic) coffee!

The outside of Shoreditch Grind. The image is from the internet but it now has an outside decking as well!
The inside of the Cafe


I have had two Australian friends visit me from CSU which has been really good. It feels great to have friends visit when you are so far away. Familiar faces make the transition a lot easier. It can be both a good and bad thing. It’s good because it reminds you that you do belong. We kind of lose ourselves amongst this process of globalisation, we pick up language and slang from all accross the world and eventually find ourselves losing some things we had. This is the bad part; yet it eventually gives us the time to re-evaluate who we are, where we are going and what we are doing in our lives.

Such is the time when my mate Paddy came to visit. We had a long adventure and a set of ‘to-dos’ for the trip. We went to a boat party, built a fort (the famous/infamous fort of bedsheets and my bedframe) three times, then bought ourselves Onesies to celerate inside the fort. Rules were made for the fort because without rules there would be chaos. Pictures are below of us in our onesies.


Me in my Penguin Onesie


The Fort was named “Fort Big Brecon Dawg” after a Welsh rapper from Brecon where my good friend Billy was from. He has recently invited us to spend christmas with his family. But that will be another story for another time.


For now, Stay classy Australia.