Meeting the President of the University of Regina

Last Tuesday I got the fantastic opportunity of meeting the President of the University, Dr. Vianne Timmons. It was fantastic that she took time out of her busy schedule to sit down and have a brief chat. She was very interested in why I chose the U of R and how I enjoyed my time as an exchange student in Canada. Her daughter is a  student in New Zealand at the moment so she knows what its like as a parent to have their child on the other side of the world. Dr Timmons and the University of Regina are strong advocates for student exchange; She believes in the educational and social benefits a student exchange program brings. I want to thank my parents for allowing me to have this great adventure. Its been a wonderful opportunity and it couldn’t have happened without their love and support.

Dr. Timmons gave me a University of Regina t-shirt and we snapped a quick picture. It was a real pleasure to meet with her.

Dr Timmons and I

Dr Timmons and I

The T-shirts

The T-shirts

About sarahvda
I'm a second year Environmental Science student studying at CSU Albury Wodonga. I'm on exchange in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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