Christmas with United Kingdom and returning home…

The people you meet maketh the place


I have never been one for site seeing or photos. I enjoy the people along the way, the stories they tell and the experiences we have together (hence the lack of images of London City). As my time in London came to a close I was invited to share in christmas with my good friend Billy and his family in Brecon in Wales. There I met the Big Brecon Dawg (You can check out his raps right here, himself and met some lovely welsh ‘country folk’. The family was interesting and fun. The first night was spent getting to know the family over some fine welsh Red, the second we were introduced to more of the family (Uncles, Aunties, cousins and family friends), and the third was spent exploring Brecon for all its glory.

Jacob's blog photos4

Tanika and I with The Big Brecon Dawg

Brecon had a beautiful welsh country side and was a nice little town of approximately 5000 people. It is situated in what is called ‘The valleys” and hosts one of Wales’ most famous events, The Brecon Jazz Festival. Outside of the town contains a famous site of Wales, called the Brecon Beacons (Two tall mountains). On the sunday, Billy took us on a guided tour of the town and expressed the stories and tragedies of the town, even taking us through the cathedral village.

Jacob's blog photos1

Billy and I in front of the Brecon River

Jacob's blog photos

Christmas with the Shepherds

The return home was just as exciting as I managed to feel the after effects of a lot of Welsh food and fine Welsh wine by being sick continuously until we arrived back home to London. This is why we don’t treat ourselves too much!

The following week we were invited to go to the Boyce family for christmas dinner. This is the family that I stayed with when I first came to London. The dinner was superb (as always) and I was spoilt with a couple of London T-shirts just to prove everyone that I HAVE actually been to London. We followed through the night with continuing completing our last assignments and were able to live the life of true Uni Students by not sleeping AT ALL. Before Billy left I was graced with a birthday cake he and my other Welsh friend Ffion had made. This cake was accompanied by the Australian National Anthem playing in the background…

Jacob's blog photos2

Billy, myself and Ffion with the cake they had made

My last day I was joined by Rhys, Tanika and my good friend Paul. Rhys had bought me a nice new british jumper (which I wear regularly) and they had all come to help take down the Fort. We journeyed out to the Airport together where Paul got in lots of trouble for attempting to take photos of me going through customs… He just deleted it before almost being arrested. My flight home was quick as I managed to sleep the whole way and when I was awake I just thought about what everyone would be doing back in London.

Jacob's blog photos5

This is Paul and I being very confused…

I still think about them and what they are doing. I miss it a lot and I look forward to returning one day. Now that I am home safe, the joys of social media allow me to keep in contact with the close friends I made along the way. They are what make the exchange program so important and such an incredible experience.

Jacob's blog photos3

Sporting the British jumper from Rhys and saying goodbye to Ffion… Brave smiles

I was met at the airport by my father and brother, and my brother shouted me to a night out, where, undoubtedly, I wore that London T-shirt with absolute style and grace!


My brother Joel and I, repping London styles!

Despite missing everyone, I am glad to be home in the heat. I know it is cliche, but no matter what I will always call Australia home…

2 Responses to Christmas with United Kingdom and returning home…

  1. Miss Emily says:

    Hello my CSU brother over the channel!! I’m looking to come to the UK over my mid term break, in which case if we are in the same city we should grab a beer and discuss all things Aussie!

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