Letting it all sink in..


I’m Jessica Anderson, I’m a third year psychology student who has just begun an exchange in Regina, SK, Canada

It’s been almost a month since I left home to set out on this big adventure, firstly stopping at Vancouver to look at the sights (such as the aquarium, conservatory and a few major parks) and to get slightly more acclimatised to the winter weather. Although I was later to find out that the temps of -10 were nothing compared to the temperatures that I would experience at my new home in Regina.

Within the first few weeks I began to settle in to the new routine of living in shared and catered accommodation in Luther Residence and began to start classes and make new friends. This also led me to go to one of the Cougar’s (the University Basketball team) games and also to participate in ice skating with some of my friends on what I thought was a massive ice skating rink and even witnessed a zamboni.

I explored the Saskatchewan Royal Museum, the majority of downtown Regina and also last but not least Walmart which is home to everything and anything that a person will ever need including McDonalds and a Tim Hortons (which I am led to believe is the most popular coffee chain in Canada)

Still got heaps of adventures to go 🙂

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