The End – 5 things I’ll miss most in the USA


It’s such a shame that my time in the USA has come to an end. Depressingly, I  have returned to Australia and the real world of house hunting, finding a job, and enrolling in new subjects. On the plus side I get to see my family and friends… I have definitely left the United States with plenty of unforgettable memories due to the memorable experiences I had. So I thought the best way to end my blogging is with a classic top 5 countdown of the things ill miss the most about my student exchange, number one being the most missed.


5.Walmart, Macy’s, and everything in between

I never ever thought I would be saying this, but since my return to Australia’s expensive retail I’ve started missing some of the USA’s best shopping spots. Shops like Walmart and Macy’s offer identical, if not better, quality products for sometimes half the price of what Australian outlets provide. I also yearn for the variety of products the USA offers, it seems they have so much more choice in absolutely everything. The food is cheaper, the clothes are better, and cheaper, and shopping seems to be so much more convenient with thanks to shops like Walmart that offer virtually anything you need. My solution to this heartache has been found however… Macy’s online now delivers to Australia – YAY!

IMG_0854 IMG_1558

4. Ice-skating, Ice Hockey and Snow

In complete contrast to the NRL I follow in Australia, college ice hockey was the in thing in Oswego. Many Friday and Saturday nights were spent supporting the SUNY’s Lakers as they played neighbouring teams. Ice Hockey equalled royalty in Oswego, and going to games showcased intense school spirit on and off the rink. As SUNY Oswego had their very own ice rink, wishful students were able to hire skates during the weekend. I took advantage of this on several occasions, and fell flat on several occasions. It’s not as easy as it looks, but it is really fun. I can’t think if many places in Australia where I can go ice-skating.

68385_515929761751913_850361728_n 305966_4521469870601_1175232345_n 486987_10151545540314746_162782701_n

3. Easy Work at SUNY Oswego

It turns out the rumours are true. Study in the United States, although different, is considerably easier then in Australia. The workload is heavier, but simpler. I will miss being able to write essays and reports on anything I feel, and being generously marked for doing so. I will also miss group exams with permission to use A4 double-sided notes while answering questions. I must admit although it was easy work, I did learn a lot  – so it still works.


2. Oswego Night Life

Living in a small college town in the United States definitely has its perks. Every night of the week there was 6+ bars open to serve the thirsty students of SUNY Oswego. Some nights of the week consisted of 50c Yard Glass and/or mug refills, $9 Fishbowls that contained 24 shots of alcohol, and $2 Coronas, as well as $1 tacos and burritos – all enjoyed responsibly of cause. This was sadly missed as soon as I re-entered the Sydney nightlife.

IMG_0952 IMG_1133 IMG_1351

1. Friends

This will sound very cliché, however it is the honest truth. My global exchange allowed me to make life long friends. Thanks to the exchange I have made close friends from Bolivia, Brazil, England, Nigeria, New Zealand, the United States (obviously), and most importantly, Australia. During my time at SUNY Oswego I grew very close to a few Australian friends, two that reside in Brisbane and the other in Melbourne. At the beginning we were pushed together because of our obvious likeness, but as time went on our friendships grew stronger. These people and the memories I made with them will remain in my life forever, and I plan to visit every single one of my Australian and international friends in the future.

418938_4148457683311_993662661_n-1 427808_515926648418891_2099587003_n 28061_4944005076152_1591953863_n 76116_4100235588426_197688651_n


Anyone considering doing a global exchange should apply now! It was the best time of my life so far!!!

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