O Week in Canada!!

Hey everyone!

I’m writing to you from all the way in Abbotsford, Canada. This is my third day at the University and everything has been amazing! I arrived in Vancouver on Monday, and was picked up by a limousine transportation service which took me to Baker House (the on campus accommodation) where I crashed in my new bed due to my first experience of jet lag.

Day One (Tuesday) began by meeting other international students and our mentors in the cafeteria. This was followed by the international staff greeting us in a lecture room and explaining what would be happening for O Week!!! Afterwards, we began the Amazing Race, which involved everyone being assigned into a group of four. Your group would then run around the whole campus completing challenges and gaining stickers on our large group map. One such challenge was making individual recordings of each member of the group at the radio station located on campus. Each group member would say their name, where they are from and what they are studying. This was later played on the station. After running all over campus, our group bolted into the final room where we received cheers from the international staff. It had turned out that we were first to arrive back! Our group received UFV jumpers, shirts, drink bottles and $100 each to spend at the Rockies!! To top it off, Monique, another Australian from CSU came second! Let’s go Aussies!!

It was clear that the small number of Aussies would be a challenge to beat in upcoming events 🙂

Day Two (Wednesday) consisted of travelling with our mentor’s to the Mall in Abbotsford where we would get some lunch and do some shopping. I ended up forgetting my board shorts (terrible Aussie haha) and was glad to find a store that sold them.

Day Three (Thursday), today we met every new Canadian student at the New Student Orientation. The orientation involved looking at the many different clubs and associations, trying to win free prizes, meeting many Canadian students and getting free food!!!

Day Four (Friday), today was absolutely amazing. Baker House (the residence) had a day trip to Chilliwack to the Cultus Lake Waterpark. We spend the day riding the many different rides available, including THE VALLEY OF DEATH!!! The scariest ride at the park.

I think Monique and I also scared many of the residences when we were talking about our thongs, it turns out in Canada they call thongs flip flops 😛

Joe 😀

About An Aussie Abroad
Hi everyone, my name is Joe and I study a bachelor of Social Science (Criminal Justice) at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst. I am currently in my Third and final year. I come from the town of Orange, which is located about an hour from Bathurst. I am currently studying on exchange in Canada at the University of the Frazer Valley in Canada. The University is located in Abbotsford, which is about a 40 minute drive from Vancouver.

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