Victoria- The Capital of BC

Hi guys,

Continuing from my last week after flying..

I traveled to Vancouver to see my parents who have decided to go on their own little trip to Canada. We decided we would like to go on a tour of Vancouver Island and see the capital of British Columbia. The day started off really early :/ because we needed to catch a ferry which would take us to the island. We were told that the ferry could hold about 400 cars and a couple of thousand people! Pretty impressive!!



Once arriving on the Island, our bus took as to Butchart Gradens, which is now one of the world’s premier floral show gardens. I’m not really one for looking a gardens and flowers. However, this place was absolutely amazing!! The amount of work that has been put into the gardens during the past 100 years is incredible.

Around the restaurants and gift shops

Around the restaurants and gift shops

My Mum :)

My Mum 🙂

DSC01169 DSC01165 DSC01161DSC01150

The sunken garden

The sunken garden

Dad and I took so many photos of these gardens and this was only one part of the day!

Stick by for the second part!

Joe 😀

About An Aussie Abroad
Hi everyone, my name is Joe and I study a bachelor of Social Science (Criminal Justice) at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst. I am currently in my Third and final year. I come from the town of Orange, which is located about an hour from Bathurst. I am currently studying on exchange in Canada at the University of the Frazer Valley in Canada. The University is located in Abbotsford, which is about a 40 minute drive from Vancouver.

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