Here I am!

So this whole time I have been secretly blogging to myself, with the belief that the whole word was able to view my adventures! Oops….

So although I’m already 2 months in, I’m going to repost some photos of the beginning of  my trip!

Goodbye Sydney! This was extremely emotional saying goodbye to my mum and sister… And it didn’t help that there was a couple having a passionately long embrace next to us. Nevertheless we managed to part and I slipped away into the departure gate ready for my long awaited expedition.



HELLO SAN FRANCISCO!!!!! So after an extremely long trip and a little hiccup at LAX airport (forgetting my DS2019 exchange application- Don’t do it!!!!!) I was reunited with my cousins who lovingly took me in and cared for me until my jet lag had dissipated and I had reconnected with the beautiful city.

Delicious fresh food in the supermarket- only in California!


A day of exploring with my friend Jenna !!!





I never forget those hills!




A day exploring the funky Hate and Asbury district- groovy clothes and sweet potato fries- mhmmm!


One Response to Here I am!

  1. CSU Global says:

    Great to see you arrived safe and sound! Hopefully no more hiccups 🙂

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