What a crazy month! So much has been going on, I have been completely swept up in all the adventures and wild activities Humboldt county has to offer.

As it has been progressing into Winter the wind and the rain have been ever present, consuming a few hours of each day. As much as it forces me to stay indoors it seems as though I am a lone ranger sheltering from the rain as the rest of Humboldt is embracing it whole heartedly. When the first downpour occurred I was shocked to find a dozen people dancing in the rain. Meanwhile my next door neighbour was packing his bag to go camping in the forest for 2 nights by himself. He claimed it was his favourite past time. I was slightly envious at his adventurous spirit and promised myself that by the end of my time here I would be more than willing to go trekking in the forest in the torrential rain. Maybe, we’ll see.


The array of classes and eclectic subjects that students are able to study continues to surprise me. Whenever I walk around the campus I am constantly surprised by the beautiful music, the art, the forestry majors hiking off campus into the forest… There is a really well rounded group of people at the college and its interesting to be surrounded by such an eclectic bunch of individuals.

Bowling at the local alley has become a weekly occurrence. This has been a really fun way to hang out with friends, learn a new skill and only a few dollars gets us a full night of 90’s classics from the duke box. One could say I am now a regular at the alley and I was lucky enough to get my first free game last week. It is amazing to see the locals that have dedicated over a decade to the sport and have an impeccable spin, bowling nothing but strikes. One can only dream.



As I mentioned earlier I have taken up Ultimate Frisbee, which has proved to be extremely fun. Having no prior knowledge of how to play I have been pleasantly surprised by the athleticism and skill required. The team comradely is unwavering. High fives are ever present and there’s always a cheer to start and finish practice. This has been a great way to meet new people, learn a new skill and work off all the candy that is too readily available here. I wish I could stay another Semester to improve but I will make sure to bring my Frisbee back home with me and to train up some of my friends so they can play with me!

IMG_4033 IMG_4037


The other weekend I went on a camping trip with the ultimate team to a beautiful location in the redwood forest. We drove 3 hours with a convoy a dozen cars following a poorly drawn map to a destination none of us had been to before. This resulted in us loosing a few cars along the way and prevented us from getting to the camp and setting up before dark. Nevertheless everyone made it there safe and sound. Luckily the ultimate people knew how to turn a bad situation around and we splurged on smores and hotdogs as soon as the fire got started. That night we ensured that the top of our tent was left open so that we were able to star watch the spectacularly lit sky. Unaware, we woke up next to a river and spent the day swimming and playing frisbee in the crystal clear creek water.

IMG_2981 IMG_2985


This weekend I travelled down to San Francisco for the free Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival. Held in Golden Gate Park, the city attracted tens of thousands of people all gathering to listen to great music and enjoy the unusual warm weather San Francisco was nice enough to offer. I discovered that the festival had been started by a man who created a trust fund to continue the festival for the next 10 years after his death. It was truly a magical experience to enjoy the park, the sun and the music with tens of thousands of joyous people.


IMG_3596 IMG_3619

My first football game was an experience that should be noted! All the Australians went all out and had an absolute ball!

IMG_2821 IMG_2813 IMG_2836

Until next time.

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