New York and Farewell

hey friends,

The last few weeks in the northern hemisphere was awesome! Monique, Donald and I traveled  from the Big White to Seattle. There we caught a plane to New York!!! We arrived at one of the three! Airports in the city. This airport was in New Jersey. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this area of the city because it seemed a bit dirty and old. However, the next day we purchased some great deals for the many sites of the city and also got three days worth of get on and get off bus tours for free 😀 We traveled on these buses around the city and saw Chinatown and most of Manhattan.

The next day we used some of our passes to the attractions an d went and saw the Museum of Natural History, the Cathedral of Saint John Divine (the biggest cathedral in the world!) and did a night bus tour which took us to Grand Central Terminal.

DSC02485 DSC02492 DSC02481DSC02517 DSC02492

On the third day we got up early and went to the Empire State Building, we got up early because the night before the line to get into the building was 3 hours long :/ Thankfully we only had to wait 30 mins before we saw amazing views of the city 😀 This was followed by going to the Statue of Liberty and some New Years Eve celebrations in Central Park.

DSC02684 DSC02695 DSC02745DSC02689DSC02751 DSC02785 DSC02817


The final few days in New York was spent looking at more museums, shopping the sales, walking through Central Park (it snowed when we did this!!) and going to Times Square.

DSC02882DSC03015 DSC03082 DSC03070 DSC03053DSC03135 DSC03158




I then said goodbye to Monique and Donald and traveled back across the United States to catch my flight back home to Sydney. This experience was beyond incredible! I enjoyed every second of it and I will always look back at it as one of the best experiences on my life 😀

Thank you for joining in on my experience and I hope you will consider going on exchange.

Joe 😀


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