Humboldt you’ll be greatly missed!

Hello AGAIN! What an incredible few months.. A lot of time for reflection over the incredible opportunities I experienced on my exchange.  Here are some photos and a brief insight into the random and exciting things that presented themselves to me during the last few months in the US.

Over the thanksgiving break I was lucky enough to fly over to Miami to meet my boyfriend for the week. We lived like royalty on the water of South beach, eating at delicious restaruants, going to cool clubs, taking a private boat out on the water and observing the beautiful architecture splayed. It was such a contrast to the small town vibe of Humboldt and I would recommend that anyone who has the opportunity and funds should use the week to go explore a place as far away as possible. It was a well deserved break but I was happy to return to the place I now called home in the north of California.







I made sure that I got time to explore the surrounding national parks, rivers and forests to soak up the fresh air and appreciate the beautiful landscape I was surrounded by. I ensured that we went on an outing every other week with my local Humboldt friend Isaac so that I could clear my mind and appreciate the all the beauty nature had to offer.







I was fortunate enough to be apart of Michael fields original production of Humboldt Unbound. I was able to meet a dozen incredibly inspiring and joyful people in which I spent most nights rehearsing and performing with over the month of November. It was such a rewarding experience!



Makeup class was one of my favourite weekly activities in that every week I was given a new assignment to make myself into a different character for a stage or a screen play. It was incredibly entertaining to watch a classroom of theatre students transition from eccentric individuals to old people, animals, witches, idols etc. Here are a few photos- I think they speak louder than words.







As the winter weather started to kick in and the Christmas spirit filled the air, a group of theatre students bound together and hit the streets to spread the Chirstmas cheer. We went out on three different occasions with carol books in hand and walked around the town singing songs and making people smile.



Leaving Humboldt was an experience that was both surreal and extremely mournful. It took many different dinners and drinks to manage to say my goodbyes and packing up was a challenge I just managed to overcome. I can’t properly express how incredible my time was in Humboldt. The people i met, the places i went, the things i learnt, the opportunities I experienced I will remember and treasure for the rest of my life. I would recommend anyone and everyone to undertake an exchange. What a life changing experience!





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