Getting Ready To Go!!

Me (Jack) and Calum are both heading to Lakehead University in Thunder Bay and cant wait to get there. We have both now finished uni in Bathurst for the year, packed up our rooms and said good bye to our friends. This  has obviously been quite nerve racking as the moment i handed back my keys to student services it meant i was really going. Over the last 2 months it was up the air towards if i will really go or not but thanks to the help of the lovely ladies at CSU Global it is becoming a reality.

In the 8 weeks between CSU finishing for semester 1 and the fall semester starting in Canada i will be back home working and trying to save every penny i  can. Hopefully missing out on some fun here will mean i get to catch up on it in Canada and maybe Asia, Mexico or wherever else i decide on going. I’m just hoping the end of semester exams are a little less stressful in Canada than in Bathurst.

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