Countdown to Canada!

For anyone reading this who might not know me, I’m Bri, a second year PR student, about to go on an adventure to Canada.

My exchange is to the University of Regina, in Saskatchewan, for about 4 months. I’ve never been away from home for that long- I’m a Bathurst girl studying at the Bathurst CSU campus- so it’s a little bit daunting to think I won’t be seeing my friends and family for that long, but I am sure taking up this amazing opportunity will be worth it!

I can’t wait to experience Canada. Whenever I tell somebody I am going there, they have a story about when they, or somebody they know, travelled or lived there. Unlike a lot of other countries, nobody seems to have a bad thing to say about Canada- except the Winter temperatures… which might be interesting considering how much I hate the cold. 

I am flying out on the 30th of August, which is only 38 days away- I am starting to get very excited, and a little bit nervous. There is plenty to do before I go and I am sure the next 5 weeks are going to fly by! I can’t even begin to imagine how one is supposed to pack for 4 months!

Once I leave, I will try to keep this blog up to date with little stories and pictures, until then I will be busy getting ready to go!

Is this really happening?

Hey Guys,
I Just thought I should update my blog as it’s been a few weeks. How weird that I have a blog… I wonder how many of you actually read this… Anyway I’m starting to get really nervous now. Each day I wake up and get a nervous feeling because I know it’s one day closer until I leave my comfort zone. I find myself trying not to think about departing as it kind of gives me anxiety (hahaha, what a sook). Seriously though, I’m really nervous about this experience. It still doesn’t feel like it’s happening, even though everything’s paid for and I leave in less then 3 weeks. Deep down I know how wonderful it’s going to be, the opportunities and experiences are going to be life changing and I’m so grateful!
Apart from my anxiety, everything’s going well. I’ve started thinking about what I need to pack and what I think I’ll need while I’m there. I don’t really know what to take though, especially stuff that signifies Australia, Victoria and Shepparton. I already have a map and a few books about Australian animals but that’s predictable. I want to take fun stuff that the students I teach on placement will love and adore! Any suggestions would be fantastic!
I’ve also started saying good-bye to my friends from Albury and some of my family. Each one of them have said this experience is going to be amazing and I don’t doubt that, it’s just going to be hard not to see them when I want.
It’s also so strange that uni has started back and I’m just chilling at home! Everything is so routine now when going back to uni, it’s going to be the biggest shock when I start in Canada. Like I still don’t even know when my classes are or how similar/different it’s going to be. I hate not knowing what lies ahead, I need organisation!
Anyway, here I am still not believing that this is happening, even thought I’m writing about it. I’ll probably still be in denial as I fly home next year! Haha

1 Month to go!!

There’s now only one month till i head off to canada, my plans have changed for the better since my first blog. After going to talk to the travel agent with my friend we got a bit to excited and booked alot of extra activities. I am flying to Montreal where I will spend a couple days with my mate Ric. I will then be spending 4 months in Thunderbay with Cal at university, before making my way down to Toronto where the start of many flights begins.  In the following two months I will roughly take 9 plane trips and uncountable number of bus and train rides.

It will then be onto Iceland where I will spend 3 or 4 days, this was the idea of the travel agent. The idea of spending time in the power lifting capital of the world, visiting a hot spring and the possibility of seeing the northern lights (not sure if you can actually see them from there) sounds cool.

Then I will be flying into Amsterdam where I will spend a couple days and maybe travel to Polland and hopefully visit Auschwitz. After this I will work my way down to Hamburg where I will see my uncle for a week or two.

After my stint in Europe I fly to Bangkok via about 4 stop overs. Here it is quite unknown what i will be doing, my friend has promised me it will be a fun 1 month after i left this upto him. He spent 3 months in Asia at the start of the year and has planned for use to visit northern Laos for a month. This was quite convenient for me as apparently we can survive off 10 dollars a day or live like kings for 20, which at the end of a 6 month trip will be very handy.

I will end this with a word of warning, when your booking your flights make sure you leave a days cooling or don’t go with your best mate who your prone to making bad decisions with. This is because in the heat of the moment I nearly ended up spending a week in Melbourne and a week in Hawia, which although sounds cool doesn’t really fit into my budget. The travel agent was throwing destinations at us and we where in a “yes” mood.


T Minus 41 days

Hey Guys, Before I start, let me just announce that this is my first time blogging, so if I’m not doing it right, cut me some slack! Anyway, where to start! The years first session of uni is complete (and passed), mid year prac is over (unfortunately, 😦 I absolutely loved it) and now I’m counting down the days til I hop on a plane and jet off to Canada! Am I scared? Yes, completely and utterly petrified. But what’s that life inspiring quote? “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. I can safely say with this trip approaching life has definitely begun! In addition to counting down the days and feeling sick from the nerves, I have been preparing for the experience of a life time! My study visa was approved the other day (what a relief) and now I’m tying up the loose ends such as what cute clothes to pack and what I can’t live without for the next 6 months (Nath will you fit in my suitcase?! haha). Apart from these absolute necessities, I have also been organising flights, travel visas, travel insurance and working my little butt off at the local IGA just to pay for it all! All in all everything is running smoothly and apart from the nerves I am so super excited for this amazing experience! -Jess XOXO