T Minus 41 days

Hey Guys, Before I start, let me just announce that this is my first time blogging, so if I’m not doing it right, cut me some slack! Anyway, where to start! The years first session of uni is complete (and passed), mid year prac is over (unfortunately, 😦 I absolutely loved it) and now I’m counting down the days til I hop on a plane and jet off to Canada! Am I scared? Yes, completely and utterly petrified. But what’s that life inspiring quote? “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. I can safely say with this trip approaching life has definitely begun! In addition to counting down the days and feeling sick from the nerves, I have been preparing for the experience of a life time! My study visa was approved the other day (what a relief) and now I’m tying up the loose ends such as what cute clothes to pack and what I can’t live without for the next 6 months (Nath will you fit in my suitcase?! haha). Apart from these absolute necessities, I have also been organising flights, travel visas, travel insurance and working my little butt off at the local IGA just to pay for it all! All in all everything is running smoothly and apart from the nerves I am so super excited for this amazing experience! -Jess XOXO

About jessicagreene08
I'm a 3rd year student at CSU, currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Early childhood and Primary) and I absolutely love it! Follow my adventures as I exchange in Ontario, Canada for the next 6 months! 🍁

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