1 Month to go!!

There’s now only one month till i head off to canada, my plans have changed for the better since my first blog. After going to talk to the travel agent with my friend we got a bit to excited and booked alot of extra activities. I am flying to Montreal where I will spend a couple days with my mate Ric. I will then be spending 4 months in Thunderbay with Cal at university, before making my way down to Toronto where the start of many flights begins.  In the following two months I will roughly take 9 plane trips and uncountable number of bus and train rides.

It will then be onto Iceland where I will spend 3 or 4 days, this was the idea of the travel agent. The idea of spending time in the power lifting capital of the world, visiting a hot spring and the possibility of seeing the northern lights (not sure if you can actually see them from there) sounds cool.

Then I will be flying into Amsterdam where I will spend a couple days and maybe travel to Polland and hopefully visit Auschwitz. After this I will work my way down to Hamburg where I will see my uncle for a week or two.

After my stint in Europe I fly to Bangkok via about 4 stop overs. Here it is quite unknown what i will be doing, my friend has promised me it will be a fun 1 month after i left this upto him. He spent 3 months in Asia at the start of the year and has planned for use to visit northern Laos for a month. This was quite convenient for me as apparently we can survive off 10 dollars a day or live like kings for 20, which at the end of a 6 month trip will be very handy.

I will end this with a word of warning, when your booking your flights make sure you leave a days cooling or don’t go with your best mate who your prone to making bad decisions with. This is because in the heat of the moment I nearly ended up spending a week in Melbourne and a week in Hawia, which although sounds cool doesn’t really fit into my budget. The travel agent was throwing destinations at us and we where in a “yes” mood.


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