Is this really happening?

Hey Guys,
I Just thought I should update my blog as it’s been a few weeks. How weird that I have a blog… I wonder how many of you actually read this… Anyway I’m starting to get really nervous now. Each day I wake up and get a nervous feeling because I know it’s one day closer until I leave my comfort zone. I find myself trying not to think about departing as it kind of gives me anxiety (hahaha, what a sook). Seriously though, I’m really nervous about this experience. It still doesn’t feel like it’s happening, even though everything’s paid for and I leave in less then 3 weeks. Deep down I know how wonderful it’s going to be, the opportunities and experiences are going to be life changing and I’m so grateful!
Apart from my anxiety, everything’s going well. I’ve started thinking about what I need to pack and what I think I’ll need while I’m there. I don’t really know what to take though, especially stuff that signifies Australia, Victoria and Shepparton. I already have a map and a few books about Australian animals but that’s predictable. I want to take fun stuff that the students I teach on placement will love and adore! Any suggestions would be fantastic!
I’ve also started saying good-bye to my friends from Albury and some of my family. Each one of them have said this experience is going to be amazing and I don’t doubt that, it’s just going to be hard not to see them when I want.
It’s also so strange that uni has started back and I’m just chilling at home! Everything is so routine now when going back to uni, it’s going to be the biggest shock when I start in Canada. Like I still don’t even know when my classes are or how similar/different it’s going to be. I hate not knowing what lies ahead, I need organisation!
Anyway, here I am still not believing that this is happening, even thought I’m writing about it. I’ll probably still be in denial as I fly home next year! Haha

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