Connecticut: the countdown is on

20th August. That’s the day I’ll be gathering my bags [suitcases] and worldly possessions [not very many because we all know we’re going to buy too much stuff there] and a jumper so my mother doesn’t have to ask if I’ll be warm enough [I won’t be anyway, it’s going to be as cold as Jon Snow at the Wall come the end of the year] all so I can board the aeroplane to make my way to Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, Connecticut.
I’m heading off to continue my studies, bachelor of information studies, but with the added perk of becoming a scientist as they prefer the course name ‘Library and Information Science’. At CSU I’m a distance education student so having to take myself to a class is going to be a bit of a readjustment as well as living on a campus, so that’ll take some adjusting too.
I’m pretty stoked about my placement in Connecticut, most people I’ve spoken to about it think it’s a beautiful place and it has the added bonus of people a short distance to New York City and Boston which should make for some good weekend trips 😉 Apart from school there I’ve lined up a local roller derby league to play with while I’m there and even get to play in their home team season which is pretty rad. After the semester I’ll be travelling for 5 weeks through New York, Boston, Vegas, San Fran and LA, so I’m pretty keen for that as well!
So all in all, apart from packing [which I am failing at currently, except I have my milo packed & ready] I’m pretty much ready to go and only 13 more days!

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