Flying in and my first night in Canada ✈️

So my first entry while overseas on my study adventure in Canada. What can I say? Monday nights sleep was horrible! I went to sleep late and was up early, waking regularly because I was so petrified of sleeping in and missing my flight. On the other hand, it was also wonderful because I got to spend my last night in Aus with Nath 🙂

When we did arrive at the airport and I had checked in, we spent our last few hours having breakfast together. When it was time to cross that threshold into customs it finally hit me that I was leaving. My poor brother received my break down as I hugged him goodbye. It was sad and a few tears were shed but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Mum wasn’t hysterical and Nath held it together pretty well (still shed a few tears ;)..). It was good, I needed them to be strong so I wouldn’t feel like the worst person in the world for leaving them.

Anyway, I write this as a I lay (more like sit vertically upright) awake on my flight to LAX, with 4 hours travel time to go, it feels like forever! Unfortunately it wasn’t a direct flight and I had an hour flight to Sydney, now 13.5 hours to LAX… With my flight to Toronto still remaining (approx 4.5 hours). A few days ago mum and I were joking that I’d be stuck next to passengers with annoying habits. And what do you know, I get an aisle seat (which I don’t mind) but I was sat next to a man that felt the need to pee 25 millions times. My butt and stomachs probably toned just from getting up and down so regularly haha.

The fact that I was leaving hit me at the airport in Melbourne but as I sit here it still doesn’t feel real. I can not believe I worked up the courage to do this. It blows my mind because I feel like I’m not the person doing this. I feel like I’m watching someone else. I know there were probably people doubting me that I wouldn’t go through with it, and at one stage I was doubting myself. But in the end I’m on the plane heading for Canada and I’m seriously so proud of myself for beginning this adventure.

*I just thought I’d add a little more info on my arrival.
So after flying for approximately 19 hours with 5 hours for checking in, boarding and wait times I was so ready to brush my teeth, get out of my clothes and have a shower. I passed through immigration and got my study visa and then walked out ready to meet one of my lectures to drive me to my new home for the next 5 months. I was starting to panic a little because I couldn’t find her and had no way of contacting her other than email. After waiting for 20-30 mins I finally found her and we made out way to Burlington. Because it was so late when we arrived (11.30 pm Tuesday 12th), I just showered, finally brushed my teeth and got into bed. I was eager to adjust myself to the times over here so I went to sleep at 12.30am. Only to wake up at 3.00am absolutely starving and wide awake. So here I am, laying in my bed in my apartment at 3.47am contemplating eating the twix chocolate bar and starbursts that sit in my carry on luggage.
I can’t wait for this adventure to truly begin!
Talk soon 💕


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