Arriving in the USA :)


Hi all 🙂

I’m finally typing up my blogs after six weeks of already being in the USA! Which has been amazing so far 🙂

Living on the East Coast of the USA is very different than when I lived in California as its very humid here and have slightly different accents..

I left Sydney  Australia on July 2nd and almost thirty hours later I arrived at my final destination until the semester exchange. My flight from Detroit Michigan was delayed by  four hours due to bad weather but I eventually made it to my parents home in New Jersey 🙂

Getting to see my mum,dad, brother, cat & puppy after nearly three months was certainly exciting!

I  had a huge breakfast the day next in which I ate waffles which were huge as you can see from the photo above!

(for those that have lived in the USA or visited before you will understand what I mean by huge portions!)


About sammbamm7
Hiii I'm Sam :) University student at CSU currently on exchange at Mansfield University in Pennsylvania for a semester! Am Australian & British. Grew up in Australia, England, California and in Singapore. I love love travelling. Hope you enjoy my blog and my adventures in the USA :)

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