5 days in!

Hey guys,

Just thought I’d write another post before Uni begins! The last 5 days have been a whirl wind experience!

Getting off the plane was easy, I thought immigration would take longer after the girls’ experience but it was simple. Once through immigration I collected by bags and went to wait for my ride. What I noticed was that I told the lady picking me up the wrong terminal, so I started to fret that no one would be there to pick me up. While waiting, I met this really lovely Canadian that ended up helping me find my ride, such a relief.

The first nights sleep was absolutely terrible! I mean waking up at 3am and not being able to get back to sleep. The first day (Wednesday 13th) I went to the grocery store, it’s not all that different. The prices are similar and you have to stack your own bags haha The food variety is different though, and a lot more sugary I’d say. After groceries I went back to the apartment, once I sat down the tiredness sunk in and it was a battle to keep my eyes open. By 2 o’clock I had to have a lie down. I was absolutely exhausted. I put an alarm on for a half an hour nap, but ended up waking up 5 hours later.

The second day I went to “Mapleview Mall” (how cute’s the name) and got a sim car for my phone. It’s currently not working but I’m in the process of getting it fixed. If you want my number, feel free to inbox me and I’ll give it to you. Anyway, at the mall I found “The Body Shop” and if you know me well, this place is a weakness. First of all, the prices are soo much cheaper than Aus and there was a “buy 2 and get the third free” deal. I didn’t go crazy but I did sign up for the loyalty card.

On Friday we had a tour of CSU Ontario! OMG it is seriously so cute! It’s pretty much only one building, but I get the impression that it’s a tight knit uni. All the rooms are named after the Australian campuses or animals and the lecturers are all so nice and welcoming. I’ve been told that it’s a lot of work but I think it will be ok. As long as I stay organised and on top of things it should be good. Also, we get to go into our primary schools at the beginning of September for 2 days a week until November. This then gives us the opportunity to get to know the students and the classroom environment really well before we start the 3 week teaching block in November.

Anyway, after the uni tour, unfortunately we had to get medical exams, that included blood tests. One of my biggest fears is needles and mum wasn’t here so I could squeeze the life out of her hand. I think I did well though, I didn’t cry or faint haha

On Saturday, we went to… NIAGARA FALLS! I have never seen/experienced something so incredibly beautiful. We caught the train from Burlington early to arrive at lunch time. We got our tickets, ate and then set out to explore an amazing site. With the ticket we purchased we got to go on the boat ride that gets you really close to the horseshoe falls. Because we are on the Canadian side we rode “The HornBlower” where the American side you ride “The Maid of the Mist”. Either way you get wet from being so close! It was so amazing. Our ticket also included; a 4D experience that detailed the creation of the falls, an underground experience called “behind the falls” where you get to walk through tunnels that are behind the horseshoe waterfall and a white water walk that lets you walk alongside the class 6 rapids. Overall it was an amazing day and we decided to stay later to watch the colour show they put on. Where the falls light up with colours. It was seriously such an amazing experience that I’ve been so blessed to be able to do.

Overall Canada has been amazing. The people have been so kind and helpful and go out of their way to help you. As much as I love it here, I do miss my family and friends, but I’m still proud that I made it!

Jess xoxoxo P1120144P1120061


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