First week of uni!

Hey guys,

How are we all? I’m pretty good, not feeling the best (I think I’m getting a cold). Other than that, I’m in another country, so not much to complain about haha.

I just thought I’d catch you all up to speed on the first week of uni and my life as a temporary Canadian resident.

So the first day of uni, Monday 18th August. I wasn’t nervous, like I mentioned in the last blog, we got a tour on the Friday and had already met the head of school and nearly all the staff. Within the first presentation on Monday morning, the Australians were pin pointed and asked to stand up so the remaining 200+ students could see who we were. For the remainder of the week I attended uni from 8.30 – approximately 3.30 everyday. By Friday, exhausted was an understatement.Because we live on the other side of town to where the uni is, we have to take 2 buses to get to the university. Meaning I get up at 6.15am to catch a bus that leaves at 7.45am to arrive at uni by 8.30.

Anyway, back to the university, it is absolutely incredible. The CSU Ontario campus is also referred to as “teachers college”, it’s pretty much only for aspiring teachers, allowing the whole focus to be on this profession. The staff and lecturers are also so passionate about teaching and their careers, it’s so inspiring to see. The work content, so far, has also just been so relevant and handy. Everything that the lecturers use within their classes, mirror strategies that we can use within the classroom. We also do a lot of reflecting on why we have just completed what we did within a lesson. Everything has been so properly organised and thought out, I can’t speak highly enough of this wonderful campus. I have found that I’ve been comparing it immensely to my Albury campus and come to the conclusion that maybe they can take a leaf out of the Ontario campuses book. Especially in regard to orientation and the introduction to the course.

In regards to size, this campus is really small and only a single building with 2 floors, but the size is perfect. All the students that attend have already completed undergraduate degrees and have qualifications in a whole range of professions. Ranging from history majors to psychologists. This one year course allows them to attend and then teach once the year of study is complete.

On top of their welcoming and caring environment, they have been so organised with placements. I already have my school that I’ll be doing my upper primary placement in for November. Like I mentioned last time, we get to go into a school 2 days a week until November’s 3 week block.So I go to my placement school Mondays and Tuesdays and to uni Wednesday and Thursday, and then every 2nd Friday. It’s such an organised and beneficial way to structure the course and placement subject. It really allows you to get to know the students and the way they learn, before you’re expected to teach them complete lessons. My school is a public school in Burlington, and I’ll be visiting on Tuesday 26th to meet the principal and get a feel for the school. The 2014/2015 school year begins on Tuesday 2nd September so I’ll get to see what a first day of school looks like for not just students, but also teachers. I’m really looking forward to this experience.

So while at uni I’ve had the opportunity to meet some really, really lovely people. Pretty much everyone in Canada, that I’ve come across has been so extremely nice, but I could call these people my friends already. It’s not long till my birthday and I’ve already had a lot of lovely girls offer to take me out and do cool things for it. Within 5 days I was already having dinner with a lovely Canadian cat lady named Lisa hahahaha. She’s not a cat lady but she does like them. I also made her try Vegemite, the videos attached hahaha. I’ve also been invited to Amanda’s home town to go snow tubing once winter hits. And actually yesterday (Saturday 23rd) we were supposed to go boating with Chantal, but the weather was crap, we went out for lunch instead and I tried a poutine. Poutine is chips, gravy and cheese, other things can be added to it but that’s the original. It was nice, but apparently a traditional poutine from Quebec is where the real one is at.

Anyway, I think that’s my life up to date for the while!

Talk soon!

Little squirrel 🙂
Charles Sturt University Ontario
The gorgeous Lake Ontario!
The gorgeous Lake Ontario!


Ontario’s version of Poutine

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