In transit…

As I’m writing I’m heading from New York City, where I just spent 3 days roaming about, to my semester home in New Haven, Connecticut. There is about 45 minutes to go but so far looking out the window Connecticut seems like a pretty nice place 🙂

My last few days were pretty jam packed and I’m pretty sure I either drove jet lag out with exhaustion or now I’ve got a combination of the two. I visited a ton of attractions in NYC, but wasn’t too concerned with doing them all as I’ll be back within a month; I went to Central Park, Rockefeller Centre, New York Public Library, 9/11 memorial, Staten Island, 5th Avenue, Times Square, saw some broadway shows and also went to see Gotham Girls Roller Derby’s semi finals for their home season. Amazing.
May have also fallen in love with breakfast from Al’s Deli and this tiny Irish bar that local NYers go.

But that’s all from now, I’m nearing my station where a uni representative will be picking me up and saving me from having to drag everything around while I get lost haha.

Some photos!





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Detailing the little & big adventures of an exchange student in Connecticut.

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