Guess who’s 21!

Hey guys, 🙂
Long time no talk huh! I have been absolutely flat out the past 3 weeks! Between Uni, placement and my birthday it has been full on!

Tomorrow (Monday 15th) I’m going into my 4th week of uni at this wonderful campus! I have already submitted my first assignment which was actually pretty easy to complete! Like I mentioned in the last blog, I go to my placement school 2 days a week which are actually Monday and Tuesdays, so tomorrow I’m at my placement school.

Placement is definitely not what I expected. I have upper school for this session, grades 4/5. It is definitely a complete 180 to what I’m used to. Even though it’s not what I was expecting, I’m up for the challenge!

Now all about my birthday! The celebrations started August 29th when my housemates and I went to Toronto for the weekend to celebrate! OMG seriously so much fun! We caught the train straight after uni, checked into our hotel and went to my first ever baseball game, Toronto Blue Jays Vs New York Yankees! It was seriously the best experience, I paid over $10 for a hot dog but you know what? It was so worth it, you can’t go to baseball and not have a hot dog haha. On Saturday we got up early and were the biggest tourists ever! First stop, the CN Tower, I paid the extra amount and went all the way to the top! It had such amazing views. Second stop was the Casa Loma, this gorgeous castle that let you tour right through. Such a gorgeous attraction! You can have weddings there and for a good 15 minutes I was watching through the glass doors haha. Third stop was the Canadian National Exhibition, it was pretty much like the Melbourne show. We didn’t stay long there but it was still fun to see. On Sunday we did a bit of shopping and then caught the train back to Burlington.

The following Monday, the 1st, was actually Labour Day in Canada and happened to my good friend Lisa’s 23rd birthday (the gorgeous girl that I convinced to eat Vegemite off a spoon haha). Anyway I spent the day with Lisa for her birthday and we went to this attraction that was right here in Burlington called “Rib Fest”. Pretty self explanatory, I tried ribs for the first time, they were pretty good! Anyway, after rib fest Lisa invited me to her house for dinner. It was so lovely to meet her family and see where she grew up!

Back to placement, from Tuesday 2nd – Friday 5th I completed observation week at my placement school. It was so amazing to see the first day of school and how excited the students/teachers get to be back. Also very interesting to see how the classroom environment is formed within the first few days. I’m excited to continue my journey with this classroom and see how the environment changes and grows. I have also decided to volunteer in a kindergarten class at the same school. I do this Thursday mornings for half the day before I have uni. I am seriously in my element with the younger students, I had an absolute ball!

So Monday 8th of September, my 21st birthday. Of course I decided to start celebrating when the clock struck 12 back home! The people close to me would know how nervous and scared I was to come here and celebrate my birthday without them, but it was seriously an incredible day! Firstly I woke up to balloons and absolutely gorgeous letters from my house mates that were scattered all over the apartment. When I was on placement the school announced during the announcements that it was my birthday and my class sung happy birthday to me! For dinner that night Lisa, Stacey, Bec and I went to out to a burger bar called “the works” it was so good! To top it off though, Lisa took us all to this place called Demtres that had the most delicious desserts! So so so good! My birthday celebrations continued into the following afternoon when, delivered to my door, were the most gorgeous bunch of flowers I have ever received, ordered from Aus! My gorgeous family sent a huge martini glass of flowers to my apartment and I received a birthday package from the gorgeous Kate Qemal. Words cannot even describe how magical my birthday was and it’s because of all the amazing people I have in my life!

So my birthday’s over for another year, but that just means that another extra special event is one week away! Nath and my 5 year anniversary is today! It’s unfortunate that we can’t be together but there’s going to be so many more to come, it doesn’t even matter! To my amazing partner, happy 5th anniversary, my love for you grows each and every single day. I can’t imagine life without you, I’ve had you around for too long! Just know I love and cherish you so very much! 3 months till you’re here with me! Love you so incredible much, Jess xoxo

Anyway guys, that’s it from me!

Talk to you soon!

Love Jess

Rib time!
Casa Loma
Casa Loma
CN Tower
CN Tower
Hot dog @ baseball
Hot dog @ baseball!
Birthday collage
21st Birthday Celebrations!

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