Massive Rollercoasters!!!



Tuesday July 29th

My brother and I went to a theme park called Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey.

We had been to this particular Six Flags about 5 years ago and we were ready to go back again!

The Six Flags park that we went to is home of the second fastest and the tallest rollercoaster in the world known as Kingda Ka. It has a height of 456 feet at 128 mph in just 28 seconds. My brother and I waited in line for two hours and  I was a little nervous before going on this rollercoaster but it was honestly the best rollercoaster I have ever been on.The park also has the highest drop rollercoaster in the world which is called zumanjaro drop of doom.It just opened this year and it drops you from a height of 415 feet it 10 seconds. My brother and I unfortunately didn’t get to go on this ride as the line was ridiculously long. The park also has the worlds fastest wooden rollercoaster which is another great ride.

if you enjoy thrilling and scary rollercoasters this park is a place that you should visit just try to not to go in summer as the lines are very very long but the rides are totally worth it!


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