Friday August 8th

Today I travelled from Newark,New Jersey to Dallas, Texas. I had a stop over in Boston, Massauchetts for a few hours then I boarded a rather small plane to Dallas.  This was my first time going to Texas and I was very excited but I was also excited because I was finally getting to see my close friend Katie after 5 years! Katie and I met the first day of middle school when I moved to California in 2004 from England. We finished middle school together and went to the same high school for two years. I then moved back to Australia in 2009 and she later moved to Texas!

Katie greeted me at the airport with her family and it was so nice that they all wanted to see me! Katie has two younger sisters and a young brother sam and they are all lovely. We went out for dinner to a really nice Mexican restaurant. Everyone in Texas seemed really friendly so far but my oh my was Texas bloody hot!  I was also greeted by a lovely ‘welcome to Texas, Sam’ sign and a lot of chocolates and sweets!  🙂  we stayed up talking until 2 am as we had a lot to catch up on, it was really great to see Katie after 5 years!


About sammbamm7
Hiii I'm Sam :) University student at CSU currently on exchange at Mansfield University in Pennsylvania for a semester! Am Australian & British. Grew up in Australia, England, California and in Singapore. I love love travelling. Hope you enjoy my blog and my adventures in the USA :)

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