Take me out to the ball game…

sf giantsSunday August 3rd

Today my brother and I went to watch our favourite baseball team the San Francisco giants play against  the New York Mets in New York! My family and I have been supporting the SF giants since we moved from England to San Francisco in 2004! and ten years later we still love the giants.

The game was played at Citi field stadium in New York.This was my first ever game watching the giants play at another stadium and it was well worth it.

The SF giants ended up winning 9-0 against  the New York Mets and we even saw four home runs! It was certainly an entertaining game to watch and to see the Giants win as well.

Baseball is one of Americas national sports as they have 30 teams in the Major League Baseball also known as the MLB. At the games you can buy some of Americas well known foods such as the hot dog,pretzel, garlic fries, corn dog, candy floss and sunflower seeds!

If you love baseball or sports in general going to a baseball game is always fun just don’t buy the beer as it will cost you about 9 dollars for just one drink!

ball park brother


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Hiii I'm Sam :) University student at CSU currently on exchange at Mansfield University in Pennsylvania for a semester! Am Australian & British. Grew up in Australia, England, California and in Singapore. I love love travelling. Hope you enjoy my blog and my adventures in the USA :)

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