Saturday August 9th, Sunday August 10th & Monday August 11th

Saturday August 9th

Katie and her younger sister Jackie and I ventured out to the mall to do some cheap shopping! In Texas they have tax free weekends where certain items don’t have any taxes on them so its a lot cheaper and this weekend was tax free 🙂 We went into a few shops and I bought some cheap tops for only 20 dollars. It was another really hot day in Keller, Texas so we stayed mostly inside. We ate a cheap lunch at Chipotle one of the best Mexican restaurants in the world!! Then we later went to Katie’s church, I’m not a very religious person but going to this church which looks like a concert venue was pretty awesome. Katie, her family and I then went to the movies to watch The hundred- foot Journey which was really great. If you haven’t seen that movie I highly recommend it 🙂


Sunday August 10th

Katie, her family and I went into Dallas  which is about 40 mins away from Keller! it was another really hot and humid day about 104 degrees! Our first stop was where John F. Kennedy was assassinated ! I never knew that he was killed in Dallas. They have an ‘X’ marking on the road where exactly it took place. It was fascinating seeing this part of history and learning more about what happened on that tragic day.



Our next stop was to the Reunion Tower, we got the elevator to the top which is called the Geo deck.  The height of the building is 561 feet and it was completed in 1978. You can walk all the way around the Geo Deck so that you can see the whole of Dallas! It was a lovely sunny day so I got some great pictures. We all ate lunch at the top of the Geo deck which is pretty cool as the platform moves around so you can see all of Dallas while eating lunch. I of course brought some souvenirs and found this rather funny book about Texas!


texas bookblack and white

Our Next stop was to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium! This is where the Dallas cowboys football team play and the stadium is huge! It seats around 80,000 thousand people which makes it the 4th biggest stadium in the NFL! thee stadium is also known as AT & T stadium and it was completed in 2009. unfortunately the stadium was closed for tours but we did go inside to look at the merchandise which was pretty pricey $.  I did however try on a Cowboy hat! Our next stop was the Texas Rangers baseball stadium which is located directly across from the Dallas Cowboys. It is also known as thee Globe Life Park in Arlington Texas. It is home to the Texas Rangers major League baseball team (MLB). It seats around 48,000 people and it opened in 1994. Unfortunately again it was closed for tours but we went inside to the merchandise and I got a Texas Rangers T shirt although they are not my team I couldn’t leave Texas without a sports shirt!

cowboy hat stadium

Our final stop of the day was to visit Katie’s University. She goes to Dallas, Baptist University and it has a beautiful campus! Katie wasn’t quite 21 so we couldn’t go out clubbing or drinking so we instead just hung out in the pool and baked a chocolate cake.

Monday August 11th

It was time for me to head back to New Jersey before I was to start my semester exchange! I was very sad to leave Texas as it was so beautiful and so much to see! and I was of course sad to be saying goodbye again to another close friend of mine! Katie and her parents drove me to the airport where I said my final goodbyes and hopefully next time it wouldn’t be another 5 years! Thanks for the awesome weekend Katie 🙂 and I will be coming back Texas!

After spending the whole day traveling I arrived back in New Jersey at 10 pm.


tower friends




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