First weekend in Mansfield!

Sunday August 24th

I’ve been in Mansfield about a week and I am already loving it! The past few days have been rather busy but fun. Ashlee and I went for a walk to McDonald’s with Solene a girl from France who is pretty cool and we got absolutely drenched walking home as it poured with rain! On Friday we met alot of the freshman class and we even participated in some of the activities with them. Ashlee and I went for a bike ride on Friday afternoon we rode all the way to Walmart was a bloody long way but it was rather nice.

bike ride


I went out on Friday night it was my first night out in the USA! I went with the exchange students from Germany and a couple of others. I decided to experience the true American culture and try a bud light beer! It was only 2.75 dollars and wasn’t that bad! After the bar I bought a case of 12 beers for only 14 dollars which is pretty cheap! We all headed off to a ‘frat party’ met some really nice people and played beer pong it was a pretty good night. 🙂

beer beer cups


Ashlee and I are sill trying to get our fellow American friends to like Vegemite hasn’t been very successful so far. I have had to explain quite a few times to everyone that the British version of Vegemite which is called marmite is not the same!  Its a good thing that Ashlee bought some Vegemite with her and as for tea. Another item that is hard to get is English tea but the coffee isn’t too bad here still not as good Australia though!

vegemite  tea

Went out again last night played beer pong and flip cup. The food is slightly improving  had some delicious tacos today. The people are all really nice and friendly here and the campus is beautiful. Classes start tomorrow!

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