Mansfield so far..

Wednesday August 20th

So far at Mansfield its been  rather eventful. After I said  goodbye to my parents on Monday, Ashlee and I had a bunch of International activities to attend to. Ashlee is also Australian and is pretty awesome and we get along really well 🙂 Throughout the week we met other international students that were from China, Germany, Ireland, Greece,France, and South Korea.  Trying to explain to everyone that I am British and Australian and that I have lived in Singapore and California has confused a lot of people.  on Monday we were introduced to Eric who is the leader of the international students he is pretty cool. We also met Mary Beth and Vivian and they are both lovely! Also became familiar with the campus and what we had to know about being an international student.  We also went to Walmart which was Ashlee’s  first trip there she was very excited!  Ashlee and I also  have a lovely view of Mansfield from our room!



On the Tuesday it was a rather busy day as we started the day with rock climbing in the gym which was  rather entertaining and I felt accomplished as I climbed to the top. After lunch we went on a bus trip to Watkins Glen State Park in New York it was really beautiful. On the trail we were told to pair up with someone we didn’t know so well. I paired up with Hans who is from Germany but has been to about 30 countries including Australia and England. We had a lot to talk about the world and all of our travels.


rock climbing



Once we got back on the road and headed to the shops in the town I bought the typical postcards. We then went to this buffet restaurant I had never seen so much food in my life.  From meat to pasta and to quite a few desert dishes it was a lot of food to choose from!  After we ate dinner we then were back on the road again to the closest mall to Mansfield. Ashlee and I of course went into Victoria’s secret and a few other shops. the next stop was home after a very tiring day!

Today we had more information about being an international student and we met Sandra from Hong Kong she’s really nice!

slowly but surely the food is improving but I am really missing  Australian and British food ! I also got my American student card, I was starting to feel like a real American college   student !





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