The Past Three weeks at Mansfield!

Monday September 15th

The past three weeks at Mansfield have been super busy but a lot of fun! I had my first day of classes on august 25th in which I discovered that my history lecturer for two of my history subjects is from Singapore! This was pretty exciting news to me as I have lived in Singapore and consider it to be one of my homes. Classes here are very different to back in Australia. Back in Australia we have university two or three days a week. Here I have class EVERYDAY  the only good part of it is that its only for two hours a day! Everyone here is really nice and friendly and they think its cool that I am both British and Australian. Mansfield is quite hilly but the views are beautiful.mansfieldd

The first week of university not much happened as it was just intro to classes. The first Friday of the first week Ashlee my awesome Aussie room mate and I went to a bonfire with a few friends it was a lot of fun!  That weekend we had very little homework so it was a good weekend to meet new people and socialize! Ashlee and I went to a picnic for the International club that we are apart of. The food was rather delicious and we even tried sloppy Joes. Sloppy Joes are a classic American food in which it is a sandwich that consists of ground beef,onions, tomato sauce that are served on a hamburger bun. Its really quite yummy even though the title sounds gross.

bonfireee  picnicc


The second week of classes the work was starting to get a little harder. Back at CSU we mainly just have major assignments but here we have daily homework which isn’t hard but it counts towards your final grade.  All my lecturer’s here are  nice and friendly and everyone is super helpful. I have made a few new friends in my classes which is good.I met someone from California which is awesome as I have lived there too! Not much has been happening at Mansfield University as the year has just started but in the upcoming weeks we have homecoming and family and friends weekend.

Mansfield University has been great so far, the people are nice and the town is quite lovely!. However it is a very small town there’s not much to do on weekends except go out  or to go to the bar if you’re 21.  I have been to one bar in town called Gregorys bar which sells pretty cheap alcohol, A bud light beer is only about $2.75 which is very very cheap!! In England, Australia and Singapore alcohol is quite expensive!


A few facts about Mansfield and the University

-its located in Tioga County, Pennsylvania

-it was founded in 1800 but an English Settler

-Mansfield University was established in 1857

-the population of the town is 3,625

-our mascot is  a Mountie!

-The University doesn’t have an actual football team but it does have sprint football

The food is rather gross at the university which is one of the negatives however the tacos aren’t too bad! craving some British fish and chips and Australian sausage rolls & meat pies right now.  I am missing Australia a lot but so far I am absolutely loving it here! 🙂


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