Orientation at University of Chester

Hi Friends!!

I am now starting my third week at the University, and I thought I would catch up with you all and let you know how I am doing.

The last two week I have been very busy!! I arrived In Manchester on the 27th September around 8:00 am. At this stage I had hardly slept on my night flight, so I was feeling just a but tired 😛 I was met at the airport by students from the University who had volunteered to help us exchange or international students to settle in. We boarded a bus which took us to Chester University. At the University we were given our keys to our accommodation and one of the volunteers helped  us to take us to our accommodation. First thing I did was have a long shower, after 26 + hours of travelling I think I may have needed it!

Afterwards I walked back to the Uni and met some of the volunteers. Our volunteer, called Helen was a previous exchange student who had done an exchange to the University of Canberra. She was extremely nice and offered to take me into the main area of Chester in order to show me around and help me buy anything I may have needed. With her Aussie experience, we talked the whole journey and she showed me a chocolate biscuit called Penguins. Turns out this biscuit is an attempted copy of our beloved Tim tams!! But it is okay Tim tams our way better!

The day ended by meeting many more international and exchange students, (Turns out there is 400 of us!!!) and then heading to bed to catch up on sleep. The domestic students at this time had not arrived, they were allowed to arrive on the Sunday.


The day began by heading to the Uni to meet up with a few international and exchange students, and to do more tours of the city. This was needed because I was really jet lagged and did not remember anything from the day before haha. This time there was a group of us and a volunteer. We did some shopping and made friends. I ended up making friends with a three other Aussies and three Americans, and ended up going out to dinner with them several times during the Orientation week.

The rest of the week was consisted of registering ourselves and going to meetings for exchange students to work out our subjects, followed by spending time with my new friends.

Second Week

The second week was the start of classes. I am studying two Criminology subjects, two Psychology subjects and a double subject in Spanish. So far they have all been very interesting, and I am loving being able to learn another language!!

Here is a few photos from the centre of Chester.


Centre of the Chester fortress
Centre of the Chester fortress


In the main part of Chester there was a man with his Owls and another bird which sadly I cannot remember what it was which we were able to touch. Seeing Owls was near the top of my to do list here in the UK, so I was very excited to see and even touch them!!



Quite a BIG Owl
Quite a BIG Owl

On the weekend I did a trip with Chester University Mountaineers to Snowdonia in North Wales. We did two full days forth of hiking, the views were incredible!! 😀 I will post photos soon.

Hope all this well

Joe 😀

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