Saturday night football and other shenanigans!


Monday September 22nd

Its been a rather eventful past week and weekend. Last Tuesday night I went out to Gregory’s bar with friends to celebrate a friends 21st birthday. In the USA 21st birthdays are the biggest thing as you are officially allowed to drink!  It was a pretty awesome night in which the bar played a mixture of both country and non country songs! Did i mention that alcohol is really cheap here?? beer is especially cheap  but its not as good as the beer you get in England or Australia..Although Corona beer is only $3.50 which isn’t bad at all!


It was a really exhausting week filled with lots of homework assignments and shenanigans such as having friends over for British tea and people trying Vegemite..  I had to take a nap on Thursday afternoon in which  Ashlee my awesome  room mate thought it was absolutely hilarious to take a photo of me sleeping…


lesson learnt perhaps take a nap when your room mate in class or somewhere else so they cant take any sneaky photos of you!

The weekend just gone was also called ‘friends and family weekend’ in which peoples mainly freshman’s parents and friends come up for the weekend to see how they are doing!

On the Friday night I went out with friends to a social gathering where I met even more people who just love my accent.  I personally believe that everyone has an accent and in every country I have lived in the accent varies depending on where you go.


Saturday night was the big night of the year so far..  It was the first official football game of the season in which they play at night.The event was called ‘light up Mansfield’ they turn all the lights on and the game doesn’t start until it actually is somewhat dark which was around 7:30 pm. They also have fireworks as well. our team sadly lost but it wasn’t by much but it was an eventful night and it was the first time Ashlee has ever watched american football! unfortunately it is starting to get colder in Mansfield everyone keeps reminding us here how much colder it is going to get..10440186_10152437289851633_2675696442585376542_n 10659267_10152437072056633_8341386745706389290_n

here are some American words

beat- means a lame situation

booze-means alcohol

sweater means a jumper, a jersey

they say truck instead of lorry

they say trash can instead of bin

they say elevator instead of lift

beat can also mean knackered

a car park is a parking lot

also a holiday is a called a vacation.

Oh and university life is very different the American university way of life is similar to high school in which you have freshman that are first years, followed by sophomores that are second years, juniors which is your third year and senior which for most is your last year at college.

The work has started getting more intense however i am loving the social life here, next weekend is Homecoming weekend 🙂

Missing everyone from Australia, England,Singapore, California and of course my family in New Jersey!


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