Homecoming Weekend!!


Monday September 29th

Wow the past week and weekend just gone have been crazy! Throughout the week I had the usual daily classes and endless amounts of homework to get done. On Thursday afternoon I had my usual after class coffee with my  American friend Miranda who is from Pennsylvania who is really lovely and awesome as she loves coffee! The coffee here isn’t as great as Australia but its still coffee so it will do!


On Thursday night I went to the bar as usual with my friends that are of course 21!! Had a few cheap beers again and even had one drink of vodka and raspberry which was only $3.50!!! Alcohol is certainly very very cheap here and even more cheap in Mansfield!! Friday night was also another night of shenanigans with Ashlee and a few other friends!

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On the Saturday it was a rather eventful day as this particular weekend it was homecoming weekend with the theme being All roads lead to home. The weekend was also centered around 1890s theme too. In 1892 was when college football played their first football game at night time which was held at Mansfield University between Wyoming Seminary. The university had a reenactment  of the football game and there was also a parade that morning. The parade started around 10:30 am which had many groups and clubs from Mansfield university and other schools. The parade went through the town and included clubs such as all the sororities and fraternities, the biology club, the basketball team, football, the band, cheer leading, working with the disabled, many others and I walked in the parade as part of the international club! After the parade it was followed by the football game which started at 1 pm. unfortunately our football team lost again but it was a pretty fun game to watch ad at half time they announced homecoming king and queen! Homecoming king and queen is not only done in American high schools but also in college too. at Mansfield University students are elected to try for king and queen to represent a club or organization. The basketball team will elect a member to be nominated for king and the cheer leading quad will be elect a member to go for queen. they announce the winners during half time at the football game. all the nominees get all dressed up and have escorts which is kinda like a ‘date’. Homecoming is also really big because its usually when a lot of the alumni come back to visit Mansfield and it just becomes a really social weekend!10352412_10152458634841633_8756172819837913915_n1  10489814_10152458635266633_7222756637818126393_n1

Saturday night I went out with friends to another social gathering met lots of new people and didn’t get home until around 3 am..


On the Sunday just passed i went out with my friend Shelby who is really lovely! to lunch at Night and Day coffee which is the best coffee shop in Mansfield! I had a chicken salad which was the best meal I have had since coming to Mansfield!!

next weekend I am off to Scranton for the day to see a coal mine and an American Brewery!

Stay posted for my next blog 🙂


10712786_10152434644756633_8564090916944704805_n1 This is still my favorite view from the campus 🙂

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