Back to New Jersey and Fleetwood Mac Concert!!


Sunday October 12th

Wow what a weekend it has been! I got back today from going back to New Jersey to visit my parents, brother cat and puppy! It was a busy but fun weekend!

On the thursday before  I went home I went to the bar like usual. This time I went with a couple of different friends but it still ended up being a blast! Towards the end of the night the bar ended up playing some old music from the early 2000’s which was nice listening and dancing to different music! Although I love going to gregorys bar they have cheap drinks and everyone is super friendly I might try a different bar next week!


On friday October 10th My parents came to collect me from Mansfield to drive me back to our home in New Jersey. It was so good seeing them again and my puppy was so excited to see me when I got home! That night I went out to dinner with my parents and my brother. Finally I was having a decent meal! My parents and I first went to a bar beforehand where I had a cider Margarita it was delicious! My brother then joined us for dinner at an Italian restuarant where I ate a chicken parmigiana!



On the saturday I walked my puppy, did some homework, packed all my winter clothes, had a massage and a haircut and then got ready for Fleetwood Mac Concert!

My parents, brother and I went to Fleetwood Mac Concert that night and they were amazing!! They played at the prudential centre in Newark, New Jersey! The concert started around 8pm and they finished up about 10:30. They played two of my favorite songs which are Landslide and Everywhere! I was so excited when Stevie Nicks announced that Landslide was dedicated to her Australian friend in which before she started playing she said ” This song is for all the Aussies out there”  I was hoping that one of their songs would have been dedicated to the British but no luck! They played many of their other famous songs such as Go your own way and Gypsy!

A little bit about Fleetwood Mac

They formed in 1967

they are a British and American band

They have five main members which are Mick Fleetwood, John Mcvie,Christine Mcvie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks

one of their most famous songs is Landslide which was recorded in 1975 it was sung by Stevie Nicks.

The concert was really amazing and probably one of the best ive been to even though our seats were up really high!


On the Sunday  I said goodbye to my brother and to my fat cat. My parents,myself and puppy joined this time for the three and a half hour trip back to Mansfield! It was my puppys first long drive in which he loved it! We had lunch at Night and Day coffee in Mansfield which I had a delicious chicken salad. I then said my goodbyes at the university. Thanks for the great weekend mum,dad and Greg!  🙂  I will be returning back to New Jersey next month for another weekend!


Next weekend I am off to Pittsburgh! keep posted on my next post 🙂


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