Scranton and PA Grand Canyon!!

Thursday October 9th

Quite a few things have happened since my last blog post!

apart from the endless amounts of homework to do everyday

I went to the bar like usual last Thursday night was able to have four beers for just under 11 dollars so so cheap $$10414898_10152461630891633_3067427416520751278_n

not much happened on the Friday night and i had an assignment to finish so for once I had a friday night in.

Saturday October 4th


I went to Scranton with the International students to visit a coal mine and a American brewery it was a awesome day out!

The coal mine is Lackawanna County Coal mine which is located in Scranton Pennsylvania. It opened up in 1860 and today serves the purpose of being a retired coal mine and museum. The mine retired in 1966 in which the tour stops where the miners ended their final days.

The tour lasted for about an hour in which we went backwards on a mine car down a 190 slope. On the tour which was a tad chilly we got to see what the lives of miners were like and what some of the terrible conditions they were working under. We even got to wear super sexy helmets! 😉 I was highly impressed by the tour as I found it fascinating going back through time and seeing what the working lives of miners were like! Our tour guide was brilliant and really funny too!10624666_10152469629416633_5242761859090149711_n10689820_10152465179961633_8974047683423418588_n

Our next stop was Susquehanna Brewing company! The company is located in Pittston Pennsylvania which inst far from Scranton! This brewing company has been around for awhile and although it isnt very popular some of the beers are really nice! We got there around 2 pm and had a tour of the brewery which lasted for about an hour. I tried two samples of the beer called 6th generation stock ale and pumkin ale both were really good!


After the tour we went and had dinner at an Indian resturant which was really delicious. We got back to Mansfield around 8:30 pm.

That night I went to a social gathering with friends and met even more cool people!


On wednesday Otober 8th Ashlee, and our friend Zach drove to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is about 40 minutes away from Mansfield. The actual name for it is Pine Creek Gorge but everyone calls it the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon as it looks similar in a way to the Grand Canyon. The deepest point is 1,450 feet at waterville . It is a product of the last ice age. Its a very beautiful place to visit and you get the most spectatcular views aswell as many walking trails! I would love to go back to this beautiful place agaian one day!

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Going to the bar again tonight which should be fun! Going back to New Jersey next weekend, cant wait! 🙂


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