Hiking in Snowdonia, Wales

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I have now finished my Distance Ed subject via CSU, which has given much more free time, as well as time to catch-up with my blog.

On the 11th October I went out for a hiking weekend with the Mountaineering Society here at Chester University. We went to the Snowdonia National Park in Wales. We arrived late at night on the Friday so sadly there is not much to tell apart from going to bed. The next day we rose really early and divided ourselves into groups. In these groups we chose walking tracks that we could navigate. I was feeling a bit inexperienced because I have never really used navigational skills to hike a mountain, so I made sure I went with the most experienced guy in the society. The group I was in had a girl from Germany, a girl from Georgia and two guys from the UK. We decided to hike to a lake nearly half-way up the mountain and then to do a light scramble up the mountain called Cadair Idris, which was approximately 893m. Lyndon, our group leader helped us with our navigational skills. He was really good at teaching us, and I felt as if I had really accomplished something when I returned back to our lodge 🙂

DSC04222DSC04227 DSC04233 DSC04236DSC04238 DSC04240 DSC04242 DSC04247 DSC04248 DSC04254 DSC04256 DSC04259


Looking at where we still had to go
Looking at where we still had to go



After several fantastic hours, we met up with the others groups in a nearby town. We then all decided to drive to a few waterfalls that were nearby. The waterfalls were really nice!


This was followed by returning back to our lodge for a three course dinner (thanks Jenny!)

The next day we made new groups. This time I was feeling a bit more confident with my navigational skills. Though I still made sure I was in a group with an experienced leader. This hike was really good because the weather was perfect! The sun was out and there was very little cloud. All of us this time climbed another area of Snowdonia. The mountain that the group I was in climbed was Aran Fawddwy, which was at a height of 905m. The walk started off harder than the day before, because we had a light scramble towards the start. However, the 360 degree views were well worth it as you can tell from the photos!

Beautiful day!
Beautiful day!
The lodge
The lodge

DSC04359 DSC04363 DSC04367 DSC04369 DSC04370 DSC04373 DSC04374 DSC04378 DSC04380 DSC04381 DSC04385 DSC04389


DSC04400DSC04403 DSC04409 DSC04413 DSC04416

What we had to climb at the beginning..
What we had to climb at the beginning..



The weekend was FANTASTIC!! I am really looking forward to doing more hiking with this society. I learnt many news skills, and made a number of friends from around the world!

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