Well it has been a while…

It has really been a while since I posted here, probably because I’ve been rather busy that the time has just got away from me. I’m sitting just over the half way mark for my exchange and there is still SO MUCH MORE TO DO. Seriously though, you can never try and do too much. Well you can, but it will still be fun and worth a few mornings of struggling through minimal sleep!

Here in Connecticut fall is well underway, most of the trees have turned by now and everything is covered in leaves and just looks really pretty. However, for us Sydney-sider’s the weather is starting to approach our winter weather which naturally leads to my friends laughing at me for being absolutely frozen while they are just a bit chilly. They also delight in being the modern day versions of the Starks constantly cautioning me that winter is coming and that I should be prepared for all it’s cold, cold and more cold.  So that part will be interesting, I’ve already stocked up on some warm winter coats 🙂

I can’t remember the last post I put up here but since I’ve been here I’ve joined the schools women’s rugby team, apparently having an Australian accent makes you have to join a rugby team so I was told. Well I joined to see what it was like [I don’t play rugby at home, my friends do, but I never got into it] and just ended up loving it! The team is great and do a lot of things together, I’ve gotten to travel a bit to play games (Massachesetts, Rhode Island, Providence) and also made a bunch of friends which has made the whole exchange program even better 🙂 So my advice on exchange is to join a sports team or a club, certainly a good way to make friends.

I’ve been travelling around a bit getting to see lots of different places. I’ve been to Cape Cod, had weekends in New York and last night I just got back from a 3 day tour to Niagara Falls and Toronto which was pretty awesome. The falls are spectacular and I spent ages just taking photos. We went on the boat ride at the bottom of the falls and got drenched but it was all totally worth it [as you’ll see from the photos below!]. The tour also took us to Watkins Glen, Toronto City and the Thousand Islands region, where I’m pretty sure I found the Adams Family’s house.

Next up on my travelling schedule is Orlando Florida to go to Harry Potter World 😀 I’m super excited about that, then I get back for a day or two and then head to Maryland and Washington D.C for thanksgiving with my roommates and then come back for about 3 days and then head off to Dallas, Texas for the roller derby world cup!  SO after that I will be dead, but happy.

So this isn’t all text, heres some photos!

From Niagara & Toronto Tour
P1090667 P1090679 P1090696 P1090699 P1090720 P1090721 P1090739 P1090751 P1090755 P1090785

From multiple NYC trips
P1090012 P1090013 P1090052 P1090070 P1090088 P1090092 P1090164 P1090194

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